Gloria Dei Radio Ministry - broadcasting almost 70 years old and still going strong

Gloria Dei worship services have been broadcast live on WDSM 710 AM radio every Sunday from 10-11am for the past 69 years.  In fact, we broadcast the longest running church broadcast on the same station, in the state of Minnesota.  The first broadcast was on March 12, 1942.  Our radio ministry goal continues to be the same as it was when we first began: to spread God’s word, especially to folks who can’t leave their homes to attend worship services.  

Our Radio Ministry Coordinator, Doug Maguire believes that the Gloria Dei broadcast may have reached listeners as far away as the Gunflint Trail and as far east as central Wisconsin in its early days.  This is because the AM frequency band used to be a stronger signal than FM in these earlier days.  Both members and non-members value this important ministry and will donate memorials, or anonymously to the Gloria Dei Radio Ministry program.  Like everything else, the cost of our radio broadcast is now $185 per Sunday worship service.  If you would like to sponsor a Sunday, in this very important service ministry, please contact our church office at 218-722-3381 or email Donna the Gloria Dei secretary at: secretary@gloriadeiduluth.org.  Your donation can be anonymous, or could be in honor of an event, someone special in your life, or be in given in memory of a loved one.

Our radio ministry program doesn’t just happen.  Gloria Dei is blessed to have the talent and skills of member, Doug Maguire, who has been volunteering as our Radio Ministry Coordinator for the past 19 years.  He keeps us on the air so you can hear God’s word each Sunday morning 10-11am on WDSM 710AM.  Doug also provides our website with audio sermons which are posted on our website.  Be sure to check these out as well as our radio broadcast if you can’t come visit us yourself!

If you have questions about our radio ministry program please feel free to contact the Gloria Dei Church office at 722-3381 or email Donna our Gloria Dei secretary@gloriadeiduluth.org.


Internet Streaming


Listen live

Sundays 10:00 a.m. Central Time

Using Windows Media Player:

1. Download Windows Media Player for best software interface with the audio stream.

2. After opening up the media player,  type CTRL U (Hold down CTRL key then press U key) which will open up a new window asking for the “URL.” 

3. To play live audio stream, copy and paste the following into the URL window: 

Note: you will only hear the live audio while the service is being broadcast so if you are early, just wait a few more minutes and try the link again.