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Health Cabinet meets on the first Wednesday of each month. In the afternoon of that same day, Communion is brought to one of the following assisted living facilities--King Manor, St. Ann’s, or Edgewood Vista--and is followed by coffee and refreshments. Chaplain Patti Maguire, as Health Care Coordinator, oversees the Care Team, a group of volunteers who keep in touch with our homebound members. For more information about serving on the Care Team, contact the church office.

Gloria Dei started the first Parish Nurse Program in Duluth and continues to be closely involved with the Arrowhead Parish Nurse Association.

Central Hillside Parish Nurse Program

The Central Hillside Parish Nurse Program is a unique, collaborative relationship among three neighborhood churches to provide parish nursing services to residents in Duluth’s lowest income neighborhood. The churches involved include Gloria Dei Lutheran, St. Mark African American Methodist Episcopal, and St. Mary’s Star of the Sea (Roman Catholic).

Mission Statement: Inspired by the goal of improving the overall health status of the Central Hillside Community, the Central Hillside Parish Nurse serves each of the congregations in supporting and strengthening the church’s healing ministry to the church members and the broader community. The nurse embraces a holistic concept of health which encompasses body, mind, and spirit. The focus of this ministry is on meeting basic human and health needs, health education, health maintenance, illness prevention, and spiritual growth. Working within a diverse community, the parish nurse practices in a manner which is respectful and supportive of cultural and religious beliefs.

The Central Hillside Parish Nurse Program is designed to support and strengthen the churches’ healing ministry to its members and the broader community. The Parish Nurse and the health ministry team bring health services directly to neighborhood residents and their places of worship, in their homes, and at neighborhood gathering places. Support is provided by St. Mary’s / Essentia Health. The Central Hillside Parish Nurse Steering Committee, composed of representatives from the three churches and Essentia staff, provides oversight.


The Hillfest celebration takes place in late August at the intersection of 6th Avenue East and 4th Street, just one block up the hill from Gloria Dei. Envision people congregating on a street that is one of the most heavily traveled by motorized vehicles in the city… walking, bicycling, pushing strollers, pulling wagons, and stopping to greet one another. Street vendors, musicians, artists, children’s activities are all part of the day, highlighting East and Central Hillside community members and businesses. Gloria Dei members host a table to welcome people to our community, and the Health Cabinet and Care Team also offers blood pressure checks and health education. All are welcome to join us.

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